Commercial Law

The Studio has always had a clear vocation in commercial law activities and therefore assisting the clients in choosing economic and business strategies.


The Pettinelli Studio also assists its clients in merger and acquisition operations, in corporate governance, purchase of shareholdings, in the closings and in the phases of company disputes; the studio advises the running of International consortiums and joint venture agreements. The aim is to follow the client companies in reorganization as well as the phase of development of their business life.


In the corporate field, the Studio has special competencies in dealing with financial planning and off-balance sheet operations.


The market evolution has brought the companies to face the international situation; the Studio assists its clients in their initiatives abroad, structuring the legal guidance to their characteristics.


Thanks to the experience matured in distribution agreements, production, licences, and sales concessions or joint venture agreements, the associates of the Studio are able to follow their clients throughout their international initiatives with a valid and constant legal support. The Studio’s activity is finalized in creating “made to measure” contract solutions, carefully carried out to the client’s characteristics and requirements.

Track record