About Project Financing, the most prestigious activities were in the healthcare sector:

  • Consulting the Independent Province of Trento as legal advisor under project financing on a study regarding the feasibility of the new Trento hospital;
  • Assisting the concessionary company under the project financing regime of the Legnano hospital (Milano) during the awarding phase of the tender contracts during the financial closing;
  • Consulting the Livorno Healthcare Organization as legal advisor for the new Livorno hospital under project financing;
  • Consulting the Pisa Healthcare Organization as legal advisor for the S. Chiara hospital under project financing;
  • Legal assistance to the Seragnoli Foundation for the realization of the new oncology centre of the Santa Orsola hospital in Bologna under project financing;
  • Legal assistance to the Milano Cancer Centre for the realization of a reception and day hospital centre under project financing;
  • Legal assistance to the private bidders under project financing for Castelfranco Veneto and Montebelluna (Treviso) hospitals, and the Thiene (Vicenza) hospital, as well as the Treviso hospital;
  • Consulting and assisting the European Centre for Advanced Biomedical Research in the issues regarding concession agreements and financial planning of the operations under the private project financing regime.

In the infrastructure sector:

  • Banks and motorway concessionaries for the realization of the Mestre-Venice link road infrastructures;
  • The concessionary company under project financing of the Latina aboveground metro;
  • The consortium awarded the High Speed concession for the energy and electric power works;
  • The private companies under project financing for the requalification of the Friuli Venezia and Veneto post-industrial areas;
  • The Tuscany industrial group for the reorganization project in the integrated water works sector of North East Tuscany (Galli’s law);
  • A multinational energy works leader (under the Swiss law) in the realization of a commercial and business district in Geneva, fully equipped with renewable energy technology;
  • The Venice fish market project;
  • The joint ventures for the requalification project of the football stadium area of Venice;
  • The operating phase under concession of the logistics areas of Cervignano (UD);
  • The realization and management of a marina with a shopping centre area in the Emilia Romagna region.