In the corporate field, the Studio assisted and followed:

  • The reorganization of public companies for the city administration, under the spending review rules;
  • The governance of groups of companies in the financial sector;

  • The transformation of a group operating in the financial sector into a bank;

  • The start-up and the running of the holding of the most important concessionary companies under project financing;

  • The purchase of majority shareholdings of an Italian chemical industry to an Israeli multinational company;

  • The acquisition of one of the most important Italian companies in the packaging and production of plastic products;

  • Acquisition of companies in insolvency proceedings;

  • Venture capital acquisitions in various sectors of the economy;

  • Financing closing and increase of capital operations.

The Studio’s activity is finalized in creating “made to measure” contract solutions, carefully carried out to the client’s characteristics and requirements.

  • The constitution of a consortium of Italian engineering companies awarded for the design of the Shanghai waterfront;
  • the desk in Turkey and Saudi Arabia of the Italian companies operating in the sector of oil and gas infrastructures;
  • An Italian company production unit in Morocco;
  • The companies with commercial network contracts in China, brands and licence copyrights control on European and Italian soil;
  • Distribution network of some of the most important Italian and foreign companies;
  • Important Italian and foreign brand licensing contracts and copyrights for the commercialisation of the products.